Cast is bringing innovation to the world of fishing tournaments. Our fishing tournament management platform can be used for online, virtual, or in person tournaments. It was designed to bring automation, entertainment, and ease to fishing tournaments.

livestream Broadcast

livestream Broadcast



Automated leaderboards are updated after each catch submission during fishing tournaments . Separate leaderboards are automatically created for Angler of the Year on trail series. Fans will be able to track leaderboards, see catch highlights, submission photos, and more. Leaderboards can be copied from the fishing tournament management dashboard and embeddable to your website.


Offer livestream options to anglers. Directors will have the capability to add video ads of sponsors within their fishing tournament management dashboard. These ads will start before each livestream begins and on the leaderboard page. Viewers will be notified of video catch highlights, lead changes, and participate in live chat.


To help your tournament listing stand out on Cast, we offer FREE graphic design to create your tournament listing image. Our award winning team are here to make sure your tournament is a success. We are available for any questions or assistance you may need to get started on the Cast Tournament Management System.



Cast makes registration for anglers a breeze. Anglers are able to sign up for your tournaments, using our secure network through Stripe, Paypal, or Venmo. Directors are able to review registered anglers, accept or deny anglers, require photos or videos of catches, review submitted catch photos or videos, make tournaments private, mute livestreams, add additional fees, and many more features.

What people say?

Cast is literally the best thing to come to the fishing game. Anglers and tournament directors will love the innovation that Cast brings to fishing.
Vern Hall
Slaynation director tennessee
Fishing has been stuck in the past for so long, especially in the tournament scene. Cast is revolutionizing the world of fishing, bringing fishing entertainment in the forefront and spotlight.
Samuel Gonzalez
Founder of Warriors Tackle Supply


Our platform is FREE to use to manage your tournaments, but you can add any of the below features.


$ 5
00 Per Month
  • Trail Series & Automated Angler of the Year Leaderboard


$ 39
99 Per Month
  • Trail Series & Automated Angler of the Year Leaderboard
  • Livestream Broadcast Studio


$ 59
99 Per Month
  • Trail Series & Angler of the Year Leaderboard
  • Livestream Broadcast Studio
  • Sponsor Banners & Video Ads


Most frequent questions and answers

Within the settings of your Tournament Management account you will be able to connect to your Paypal or Venmo for automatic deposits into your account.

Cast is fully integrated with Paypal. Directors will be able to connect their Paypal to Cast, through their account settings. Anglers will be able to pay with Credit Card, Paypal’s Pay Later Financing, or Venmo. Payments will automatically drop to your PayPal account, minus Paypal’s fees.

The current PayPal fees are 2.9% plus .30 cents per transaction. 

Yes, you can accept cash. You would add the angler to the tournament through your management portal. All that is required is for that angler to provide you their username. They can create a free user account on 

Yes, Cast is free to use to create and manage unlimited tournaments. Unlike other tournament management platforms, we DO NOT charge a fee per registered angler. We feel this is the best approach, as it will allow directors to grow their tournaments without effecting their bottom-line. As you grow your tournaments, you may be interested in subscribing monthly to our Livestream Video Switcher and Sponsor Photo & Video ads.

The Livestream Broadcast Studio is an added feature within the directors portal. Directors can switch to different anglers livestreaming and create a multi-view for viewers to watch. For example, a director may have a broadcast host livestreaming that will provide a “catch by catch” narration while the tournament is in progress. The Livestream Broadcast Studio will allow you to switch from your broadcast to different anglers to provide your viewers with real time action. Think of it as being able to broadcast tournaments similar to Major League Fishing and Bassmasters on ESPN. It will also allow you to do a multi-screen set up to have viewers watch four anglers at the same time.

Cast’s Sponsor Photo & Video Ads feature will allow you to add your sponsors ads/logos/photos within your portal. These ads will be placed on the leaderboard page and the video ads will play before an angler’s livestream begins. Users within our platform will be able to follow your tournament and click on anglers livestreaming. This provides a huge opportunity for you to grow your sponsorships with this feature. It will bring value to your tournaments and your sponsors. 

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