The Basics

Now that you know what streaming is, let’s take a look at some best practices to keep your channel growing and your community happy.

Starting with the basics

Stand OUt

Your channel page is the home for your stream and a hub for your community. It’s also a reflection of who you are as a streamer and angler, so make it stand out! This is where you can set the tone for your community and showcase your personality. For your safety remember that it’s best not to include personal information like your full name or address.

Stream on Schedule

Consistency, regular basis, is key. It’s just like when you get familiar with a favorite TV show being on at the same time every week. If the showtime suddenly changes without you knowing it, it’s annoying. What does this mean for you? Stream on a set schedule even if it’s just a few hours a week and do it consistently. You don’t have to stream at the exact same time every day, just find times that work for you throughout the week and stick to them. Don’t forget to add your schedule on your channel page (and on your social media accounts!) so your viewers know when to tune in.


Viewers come to Cast for great fishing content. Below you’ll find some examples of content you can create, but we recommend a mixture of two or more of these elements.

Not quite sure what to stream or content to create? See below for some quick examples:


If you love a certain type of fishing, own it. Viewers often visit Cast because they have a passion for fishing for specific species and look for channels that specialize in that content. You can be that channel. Livestream yourself fishing, while providing tips. We recommend using a good mic. However, we will cover recommended equipment and software in another section.


Provide tutorials and/or tips to help your viewers become better anglers. Many anglers love to learn new tricks, tips, or recommendations that can help them catch more fish. If you’ve mastered a species try sharing some “behind the scenes” info with your viewers like your favorite tricks, and put your skills to the test by streaming your catches.


Some of the best experiences on Cast are built around pure entertainment. Try talking with your chat about anything you find entertaining. Show your personality and keep your viewers entertained. 

Reward Viewers

After building up a community of regular viewers, we recommend streamers to incorporate regular elements into their stream that serve as a “thank you” to their community and followers.

Not quite sure what to reward your viewers, here are some examples. 


Whether that’s by simply replying to chat and asking how their day is, giving away codes from sponsors, inviting them to fish against you in our livestream tournaments, or whatever you think your viewers will love. It’s important to reward the people who tune in to your stream day in and day out.

Give Perks

Whether its a subscriber meet up at a outdoor expo,  occasionally dropping in chat, giveaways, or something special you come up with.