Kayak Bass Fishing

Cast is bringing innovation to the world of kayak bass fishing and fishing tournaments. Our platform allows kayak anglers, boaters, and shore anglers to participate in tournaments in real-time. Anglers can also share their fishing content, compete in fishing challenges, and submit their catches to multiple tournaments and challenges at the same time. Anglers can livestream their participation in competitions, product reviews, or just recreational fish. Cast allows anglers to connect worldwide on one platform.



Anglers can follow automated leaderboards for tournaments and challenges .Leaderboards are fully interactive, in which anglers can click on anglers to see the photos of submitted catches, see which anglers are livestreaming and watch catch highlights.


Anglers have the ability to livestream from their mobile phone or GoPro. It allows anglers to connect with viewers to keep them engaged. Viewers can participate in a real-time chat with other viewers. Followers will have the ability to donate monetary gifts to anglers and subscribe,


Cast will host daily, weekly, and monthly challenges every month. Challenges will vary to keep anglers engaged. Anglers will be able to win fishing gear, fishing trips, and monetary prizes. Cast will allow anglers to submit catches to multiple tournaments and/or challenges at the same time. Challenges are becoming popular among the kayak bass fishing scene, now it can be done from your boat or the shore.

1v1 duels

Now anglers can challenge their fishing friends to 1v1 fishing duels. Users will be able to challenge other users to a duel, in exchange for Cast's digital tokens. These tokens can be used to sign up for fishing challenges. 1v1 allows anglers to compete among friends, while following a real-time leaderboard among themselves. The 1v1 feature has been becoming popular among kayak bass fishing.

What people say?

Cast is literally the best thing to come to the fishing game. Anglers and tournament directors will love the innovation that Cast brings to fishing.
Vern Hall
Slaynation director tennessee
Fishing has been stuck in the past for so long, especially in the tournament scene. Cast is revolutionizing the world of fishing, bringing fishing entertainment in the forefront and spotlight.
Samuel Gonzalez
Founder of Warriors Tackle Supply

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