Fishing Tournaments & Management

Fishing tournaments and management can be very time consuming for tournament directors. In recent years catch & release fishing tournaments have become popular, which makes it less of a hassle for tournament directors to deal with weigh-in tournaments. Regardless, both weigh-in or catch and releases tournaments can be overwhelming for directors. Being a fishing tournament director can be daunting. They have to handle marketing, keeping track of registrations, leaderboards, angler of the year, and so much more. With the many challenges of hosting tournaments, many directors turned to online fishing tournament management and platforms. Fishing Chaos, TourneyX, Reeltime Apps, and Fishing Donkey are just a handful of options for tournament directors. Many assume Cast is just another platform similar to the above platforms, however that is the furthest from the truth. Cast was built to bring fishing to the forefront of today’s innovations. It was built from scratch, from the ground up. Cast is not just another fishing tournament and management platform, but a platform created to bring innovation and entertainment to the world of fishing.

So what makes Cast different? Cast packs a powerful punch with all their features. Cast brings automation to tournaments to make director’s lives easier. Let’s dive into some of the features that makes Cast a great option for fishing tournament directors and anglers. Cast allows directors to create trail series, customize species, customize regions, offer livestreaming capabilities to anglers for fans to watch, real-time leaderboards, catch notifications, automated created catch highlights, viewers can watch 4 angler’s livestreams on a split screen, add sponsor video ads onto the platform during tournaments, and a Livestream Video Switcher control for directors to switch to different livestreams of anglers. These are just a few options for tournament directors.

What about the anglers? Well the anglers will also see many perks of using Cast on a daily basis. Anglers will be able to build a following, gain paid subscribers, get cash donations, share their fishing content (photos, videos, livestreams), tag products in their videos to earn commission, compete in daily fishing challenges to win cash or prizes (kayaks, gear, etc), and challenge other users to a 1v1 duel in a friendly wager of tokens. These tokens can be used to sign up for fishing challenges, or converted to cash or prizes.

Cast is truly more than just a fishing tournament and management platform, its a place for all anglers to come together as a community. To learn more about Cast be sure to check out or get started at



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