CAST 101

Cast is more than a live streaming service. It’s a place where anglers like you can share the things you love about fishing and also create a fishing community. The content on this site is designed to help you grow as a creator, develop a community, and earn a living doing what you love.

Starting with the basics


Anyone who creates content on Cast is considered a creator and plays a part in making our angler community. Creators are able to livestream, upload videos, and upload photos. Creators like you have the chance to grow your own communities, connect with an audience, and even earn money sharing your love of fishing. As you grow as a streamer and content creator, so will the monetizing of your channel. Users can subscribe to your channel, donate, and pay to pin their message to the top of live chat, called a hook chat.


Anyone can stream, but if you’re under the age of eighteen, make sure you have the supervision of a parent or guardian before you go live. From the second you start streaming you’ll have access to lots of great features on Cast like Chat, the ability for viewers to follow your channel, and compete in real-time fishing tournaments.

Not quite sure what all these features are? See below for some quick descriptions to get you up to speed:


Viewers who discover your channel can ‘Follow’ your account. Followers can be alerted to when you go online, depending on their notification settings.


A chat room comes standard on every Cast channel (you can deactivate yours if you’d like). Chat gives viewers an easy way to communicate with you in real-time, meme it up, use emotes and cheer. Viewers can pay to pin their message on top of the chat, which helps earn you money.


Viewers can ‘subscribe’ to your channel for a set price per month for additional perks. We’ll cover what those are a little later.


Viewers can choose to donate to your channel. 


Cast is a home for fishing content, from unboxing videos, tips, product reviews, recreational fishing, to tournament fishing. What’s most important is streaming something about fishing that you’re passionate about. Whatever you’re thinking about streaming, make sure to read the Community Guidelines to make sure it’s allowed.

It's easy to stream on Cast. Whether you prefer to stream from a GoPro, mobile phone, or PC, you’re just a few steps away from broadcasting yourself to the world. Here are some hardware and software recommendations you may need to get started.