Bringing Innovation to Anglers with a Fishing App

Bringing Innovation to Anglers with a Fishing App 

There’s no question that the wave of new fishing apps hitting the market is triggering a complete transformation in the world of fishing. Of course, there are still tons of anglers who prefer to do it all the old-fashioned way, i.e. fishing by instinct and by knowing all the local waterways and fishing holes intimately. That kind of knowledge can be priceless and can make you much more successful in your fishing sessions, but not everyone is privy to that kind of information.

In fact, anytime you fish in a new area, you’re basically starting from scratch, with no advance knowledge of what might be lurking beneath the surface. A really good modern fishing app will help you to overcome that lack of fishing knowledge about an area, and can contribute to you having much more success, even if this is the first time you’ve ever fished an area. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular fishing apps on the market today, and how those apps are impacting anglers all over the globe.

Fishing app from Cast Tournament Management Systems

We have developed a comprehensive fishing app that is bringing a great deal of innovation and entertainment to today’s fishing tournaments. If you happen to be the director of a fishing tournament, you’ll be able to post your tournament directly to Cast, so that all anglers can begin registering. As a director, you’ll have access to a management portal where you can manage and add tournament trails, information on single tournaments, and a number of automated features that can add tremendous interest to your fishing tournament.

Anyone competing in your tournament will be able to livestream their participation in real time, and that means viewers will be able to choose any angler for viewing, and watch them compete in the tournament. Viewers will also receive real-time notifications when their favorite angler has made another catch. Everyone involved, including tournament directors, viewers, and the anglers themselves, will be able to follow a real-time leaderboard to keep track of the sometimes confusing developments with all the anglers involved.

Our Cast app provides score tracking, leaderboards, highlight reels, and even Angler of the Year rankings, all on an automated basis. When you’re designing a logo or image to represent your tournament, we can provide a free graphic design that will stick in the minds of viewers and fellow anglers. When you make use of the Cast Tournament Management System, you’ll be able to handle everything from securely registering competitors to following progress on leaderboards, and livestreaming all the exciting action. When it’s all over with, you’ll have accurate results and all the relevant statistics compiled automatically for you.


This app can be used either with iOS or Android, and it’s a map-based fishing app that will become an indispensable assistant for fishermen of all levels of experience. It includes maps from more than 20,000 freshwater locations in the country, as well as 180 saltwater fishing spots. Each one of these is identified by a fishing spot marker, and includes information about catch patterns and seasonal fish movements in the area. Angler activity reports are available in real-time, so that you won’t have to miss out on any of the important action.

You can also use this app as a logbook where you can record your catches and share them with other fishermen. Weather information is recorded automatically, so you can consult your notes in the future. If you care to identify your secret honey holes or favorite fishing spots, these can be shared with anyone you trust. Many people who have used this app, appreciate its easy-to-use interface and how efficient it is at removing guesswork from your fishing efforts.

All these features help you to maximize your time on the water for any given fishing session. You can make use of either the free version or a premium version which includes access to GPS coordinates, identifies hot spots, and has detailed map overlays that provide information about the underwater structure of a given area, as well as its bottom composition.

Fish Deeper 

This app is intended to be used in tandem with any of Deeper’s most popular fish finders, which are sonar systems. The app displays live data which allows the user to see extremely useful information on fish location, topography, temperature, and water depth, all on your smartphone screen. You can even customize the app in several different ways, setting depths and fish alarms, changing your display, and by alternating between wide-beam or narrow scanners.

The app operates in several modes for boat, onshore, and ice-fishing. When you’re ice fishing, you’ll be able to mark your ice holes and track your lure as it’s moving around underwater. When using the onshore mode, you’ll be able to create bathymetric lake maps. If you like, the app can be used without the transducer, and you’ll still have a solunar calendar with weather forecasting capabilities. You’ll also get downloadable maps that you can mark your favorite fishing spots on offline. It also has a note function that gives you a method for logging all your catches, and the camera mode will allow you to share photos of your best catches with fellow anglers.

iAngler Tournament 

This app is one used by competitive anglers, and it’s designed to manage practical details while you’re fishing, so that you’ll be able to concentrate on doing what you do best, which is fishing for the biggest and best fish. When you participate in a registered tournament, you’ll be able to use this app to log your catch data in real time, while you’re still out on the lake. You’ll be able to compare your statistics with your rivals by monitoring the tournament leaderboard displayed on your app.

The app also comes with a number of very useful features, including the capability of viewing all those current fishing tournaments near me, which are the ones being staged in your area. You’ll be able to easily register for any of the bass tournaments or other tournaments you’re interested in. This app will also send you notifications of the activities associated with local tournaments. Once you’ve signed up for an event, you can use this app to monitor the weather forecast and the tide tables for the location where the tournament will be held. This app can also be used as a comprehensive data collection tool that would be important for marine researchers in carrying out their work.

Pro Angler 

If you enjoy saltwater fishing, this app should be at the top of your list, because it can provide you with basically all the information you need to make the most of your saltwater fishing experience. It provides you with the GPS coordinates for well over 7,500 hotspots situated throughout the coastal U.S. It also lists more than 1,000 handy services including everything from local bait shops, to weigh stations and public launches. The weekly location reports from veteran fisherman make sure that you are on top of all the latest developments in angling.

This app also provides real-time weather forecasts, solunar data, and tide tables, so you can figure out what might be the most opportune time for you to go fishing. You’ll also receive a number of tips and tricks which constitute proven fishing techniques for more than 220 species of saltwater fish. Another feature you’ll love on this app are the easy-to-navigate state and federal regulations, which you’ll need to be aware of whenever you’re visiting a new fishing location.

Bonus features include a shareable catch log, a number of delicious seafood recipes, and information on where and how to obtain licensing. You can also upgrade your free version of the app to a premium version which includes live-action capabilities and other very useful features.

Fishing and Hunting Solunar Time 

This app is based on solunar theory, which allows it to accurately predict the feeding activity and the movements of many different types of Wildlife and fish. The solunar theory states that animals and fish move in accordance with the location of the sun and moon, with respect to the animals’ position at the moment. It can be used to calculate the most opportune time to fish at any specific location, and this location will then be pinpointed using automatic GPS or by making a manual entry.

With just the click of a finger, all of your favorite fishing spots can be identified, while accessing the solunar forecast. These kinds of forecasts will display most minor and major feeding activity for specific species of fish. You’ll also be able to view the phases of the moon, in addition to moonset, moonrise, sunset, and sunrise. If you care to upgrade to the premium version of this app, it will provide saltwater fishermen with the ability to scan the tide charts. Since the weather can often be a major factor in fish behavior, this app provides current weather information, in addition to a 5-day forecast. You’ll get great functionality out of the free version, and a few more perks and features with the premium version.


This app is actually an entire social network for fishermen, and it already has more than 14 million users around the world, in addition to 12 million catches that have been logged in the app. You can use this app to tell all the tall tales you want about your record catches, or to share your misery about the lunker that broke your line and got away. You can use the app to log all your catches and to view statistical reports about past performance on fishing trips. You’re provided with interactive fishing maps that will identify new fishing spots, and which will allow you to see exactly where other anglers are catching the most fish.

If you like, you can connect with those other anglers to share information, or just to strike up a conversation and become new fishing buddies. There are a number of other handy features included on this app, for instance a fishing forecast that identifies the absolute best time to go fishing for more than 130 different species, including carp, trout, and smallmouth bass fishing. The app makes use of real-life catch data in order to make recommendations for live bait setups for each species of fish you might be interested in. You can use the free version of Fishbrain, or you can upgrade to the premium version for an affordable monthly fee, and then you’ll have access to all the more advanced features available on the app.


This is a great time to be alive if you’re a serious angler, because there are now so many useful and informative apps available to help you in your quest to land more fish and bigger fish. If you prefer fishing by yourself, you can use these apps to gather all the useful information that will affect your fishing in a given location. Many of these apps provide info on the weather, the tides, the underwater landscape, and even fish-catching patterns in the area. Solunar fishing apps also provide you with data about the movements of fish in an area, so you can follow them and intercept them.

If you’re an angler who enjoys participating in local fishing tournaments, you can get even more usage out of your favorite fishing app. You can register for an event, you can record all your catches, and you can keep tabs on how other anglers are performing at any given time. If you happen to be the tournament director, your job can be made much easier by using one of the great fishing apps to manage all registrations, update catch logs and data, and to automatically compile statistics relative to the tournament. At the conclusion of the tournament, you’ll be provided with accurate, real-time results, that will remove all the headaches that were formerly associated with monitoring a number of competitors and their catches.

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To find out more about how using our app, the Cast Tournament Management System, can make your tournament go much more smoothly, contact us at Cast. We’ll be glad to explain how our app works to you, and we can describe more about the numerous features that have brought tremendous innovation and entertainment to the modern fishing tournament. Hosting a tournament has never been easier when you use our app, and your participants will find that in addition to the great action out on the lake, that their enjoyment of the event has been enhanced by using our app.

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